WOW, what a trip.

Our team of adventurer's to Palua, were from Outback Queensland, Gold Coast and Canberra. We all meet in Cairns for the start of our Dive Trip to Palua.

Palau is world renown for marine bio-diversity and an abundance of large pelagic animals. The tropical waters are legendary amongst divers for dramatic coral encrusted walls rising from the depths to within inches of the surface. It is home to over 1,300 species of fish and more than 700 species of coral.

We enjoyed four days of diving with Sam's Tour, seeing sharks, mantra rays, fish and more fish, turtles, and corals. Diving  German Drop-Off, Blue Corner, Blue Hole, Oolong Channel & Chandelier Cave; and snorkled through Jelly Fish Lake.(As seen on "Getaway")

The last day, a rest day of diving so as to fly home, we spent the day kayaking around the islands.  

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   Beautiful Palau.