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December 2013


Wayne & Jane

Dive Adventures Downunder.


WOW, what a trip.

Our team of adventurer's to Palua, were from Outback Queensland, Gold Coast and Canberra. We all meet in Cairns for the start of our Dive Trip to Palua.

Palau is world renown for marine bio-diversity and an abundance of large pelagic animals. The tropical waters are legendary amongst divers for dramatic coral encrusted walls rising from the depths to within inches of the surface. It is home to over 1,300 species of fish and more than 700 species of coral.

We enjoyed four days of diving with Sam's Tour, seeing sharks, mantra rays, fish and more fish, turtles, and corals. Diving  German Drop-Off, Blue Corner, Blue Hole, Oolong Channel & Chandelier Cave; and snorkled through Jelly Fish Lake.(As seen on "Getaway")

The last day, a rest day of diving so as to fly home, we spent the day kayaking around the islands.  

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Awesome Dive

Diving with the Grey Nurse Sharks and the underwater cave at Fish Rock, what an awesome experience.



Open Water Dive Course concludes at Nelson Bay N.S.W. 



Three months ago, these Divers from the Outback of Cunnamulla  South West Queensland had no idea that doing a Discover Scuba Diving experience in the local pool would lead them to enrolling in an Open Water Dive Course.  Over three days in Nelson Bay, they gained their certifications and also took the time to explore  the Under water world of Nelson Bay.

On this trip one of our youngest divers Eliza Martel completed her Junior Advance Open Water and she is already talking about doing her Junior Rescue Diver. She is full of adventure, also during the week she completed her Surf Life Saving Certificate/Bronze Medallion and enjoyed sandboarding the Stockton Sand Hills. dscn7362

Dive Adventures Downunder are passionate about youth. I am sure that we have as much fun as the kids do when we deliver Bubble Maker programs in the pool in Cunnamulla, South West Qld.

The little people suck in the info like a sponge. The BUBBLE MAKER program is open to participants 10 years and up.

By the time they are 12 they are moving into PADI SEAL TEAM'S and Junior Open Water SCUBA certification.

Recently I was working with some young people in the pool giving quite detailed info to 2 young boys that have completed there PADI Junior Advanced Open Water about a skill they were to practice.

I did not realise that another young person that had never had a SCUBA unit on was taking in every word. 20 minutes later we were in the pool and to my amazement this person just started doing the skill! Young people with the right attitude are unstoppable.

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The DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING course held in Charleville QLD over the weekend 4th - 5th March 2011 really went off. There were 22 participants and most are keen to continue on to complete there Open Water SCUBA Cert. Some of the comments were "It was excellent; It was fantastic; when can we go to the coast; All we need now is some fish in the pool! How much will it cost me for a set of SCUBA gear?....

3 of the blokes are that keen to do there Open Water SCUBA Cert ASAP, they are looking at travelling 200k down to Cunnamulla to continue there course this week......!

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Dive Adventures Downunder is pleased announce that they will be providing Senior First Aid for WORK PLACE and HOME Certificate courses from June 2009.

Your local trainers are Wayne and Jane Dillon and they will be pleased to answer all your questions. Give us a call to discuss your needs.

First Aid Certificate

Eagle EDGE Solutions is pleased to announce that from June 2009 they will be offering Open Water SCUBA Certificate Courses.

From 10 years of age there is a course for you! (Conditions apply)

27th June 2009 we will be taking a group to the Whitsunday's and the Outer Barrier Reef. A number of students from last year will be completing their Advanced Open Water course and 10 new students will be completing there first level as Open Water Divers.

We will be in a position to hire gear dive gear to certified divers and to refill dive tanks.